Santiago traffic busking

You know when you’re at a traffic light and a guy comes up offering to wash your window for a few coins? Well Santiago takes this to a whole new level.

It’s common in South America to be offered many things when stopped at traffic lights – from drinks and snacks, to mobile phones, toys, lottery tickets (from what I can decipher), fruit and farmers goods, etc.  However, the entertainment options have caught me off guard and I love it.  While walking/driving around Santiago, it’s not uncommon to see really creative ‘traffic busking’.  So far we’ve seen: jugglers – with balls, bowling pins and even fire sticks, dancers, a gymnast doing backflips and cartwheels, and today I saw a guy doing magic tricks! They do their little show and then run around to collect some coins from the cars.


Seriously creative. I wonder what the local tip should be for such entertainment? Certainly makes the traffic more bearable. I gave 50 cents today – that could be great, or really, really cheap. I guess in a few months I’ll know, but for now I’m still a newcomer who gets pretty excited by things like this.




2 thoughts on “Santiago traffic busking

  1. LOL! Hey Aly, I saw a guy in Rome the other day, he actually looks like Danny DeVito, and he bounces a soccer ball on his head… but he actually sometimes goes on and on, in effect blocking traffic for a while 🙂 I was walking but still gave him 2 euros!

    • That’s awesome!! That’s when you need a quick camera shot – would have loved to see that guy. Danny DeVito with a soccer ball…still laughing.

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